Hudson’s First Birthday

Today’s the day:   Hudson is one year old today.   Wow!  Where did those 12 months go?   And if one had to list all the things he’s learned how to do in those 12 months, it would be a long list indeed.   Here’s part of it:   using his voice to coo and sing instead of merely crying; smiling and grinning; reaching for items; reaching for items and picking them  up; crawling; standing alone; squatting down to pick something up and then standing again, all without support; taking steps; opening and closing all kinds of things, such as cupboard drawers and doors, doors on toys; placing items exactly (or close anyway) where he wants them; learning to eat all kinds of “big people” food and loving most of it; knowing which books he likes and which ones he really DOES NOT care for; and that is just a short list.

Grownups think they work so hard, in their daily lives and at work, but I think a baby, in his first 12 months, works far harder than anybody really knows.  Watching him “work,” figuring out how things work, and practicing over and over again, is such an amazing experience.

In his second year, which starts today, there’s more to do.   

Happy birthday Hudson!   We love you!

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