Where’s Hudson?

I think the real question should be “Where’s Grammie?”   And I am quite certain Hudson is asking.     Let’s get real….that lady who smiled, and grinned, and made funny faces and noises for me (even when changing a dirty diaper)  for 2 weeks,  has just disappeared.   It has to be confusing.

Grammie is in her own home again.   And make no mistake, she misses Hudson a big bunch, and his Mommy and Daddy, too.  But we all knew Grammie would have to go home again….Grandpa was missing her in a big way.  But when you are just shy of your first birthday, none of that makes any sense at all.   I have to wonder how little minds process such things.

It will be interesting to see how he reacts when we arrive for the Christmas holiday….It will be interesting to see how Grandpa plays with him, too…the little guy is so much fun now…he thinks, he takes apart and puts back together…all stuff Grandpa enjoys, too, and will appreciate.   Oh, and he took his first steps while Grammie was there, so no doubt, he’ll be running by the time we next see him.

Grammie knows that at exactly now, Hudson has had his lunch and is now playing.   It’s not naptime yet.   Grammie knows.

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