Back to Normal

But what is that, exactly?   Mommy and Daddy arrived home very  late last night and after patting little Hudson’s bum as he slept, they headed off to a much needed sleep.  So when Hudson woke up this morning, he was greeted by their smiles and open arms, not Grammie’s.  After a week, I  imagine that had to be a little confusing.

All in all the day went well, but I think he just couldn’t quite figure it all out.   But although he clung to Mommy probably more than usual, he would still let Grammie have some hugs and kissy face time.

Tomorrow we will celebrate his 1st birthday.   Technically it’s a week early, but Grammie has to go home on Sunday, so an early birthday party it is.    I made cupcakes for the children who will be guests, and made a sheet cake, which is now cut into the shape of a numeral 1, just for Hudson.

It is a joy to watch this family grow; it is wonderful to see my son, who had concerns about being a good father, be the best father a son could ask for; it a pleasure to have a daughter-in-law like the one I have.   

I don’t think I could have special ordered any of it better than it is.

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