Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

That was the theme of the day….decision-making, for both Hudson and me.    When Hudson takes his bottle, he decides when he’s nearly done to take control and hold the bottle himself.  He usually prefaces this by making adorable little noises…the kind that just make Grammies go all mushy.    Then he’ll take the nipple out of his mouth,  poke at it with his little pointer finger, and then put it back in for another suck or two.   He will continue this until it’s gone or until he’s done.   Decisions.     He also wants to hold it and shake it up and down.   Now it’s Grammie’s decision to not let this happen.  For one thing, having formula splattered all over him, or the sofa, or my face is something I’d like to avoid.   Secondly, playing with your food is a no-no.

Speaking of no, he’s really good about that.   He is a kid who hears the word “no.”    I use it when he starts to play with the faucet control in the bathtub;  I use it when he heads for the animals’ water bowl, I use it when he tries to play with any kind of electrical cord.   He stops, looks at me, and most times that’s all it takes..I say “thank you” and he moves on to another activity.

Hudson made another, rather big, decision today.  He decided an afternoon nap was not going to happen.    He actually warned me about it yesterday when he didn’t go  down until 4 pm.   Today, at what I thought was an appropriate time, 3:30, I put hm down, but he just played and cooed and talked to himself until 4:30 and that just seemed to late for an afternoon nap.

I fed him at 5, bathed him at 6 and at 7:15, although he was not whining or fussy, I put him down.   He played for about 20 minutes and then it was lights out.    I hope he isn’t trying to give up his afternoon nap.   He’s too young for that, right?

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