TGIF or any day with Hudson

Hudson and I have had a wonderful Friday.   It started about 6:45 after he’d slept 11 hours (BTW, he does that most every night.)  We cuddled for a bit before his breakfast of cereal  and a bottle, and then got busy playing.    It’s hard to believe how focused he can be on his toys.   It’s common for him to play with one thing for 10-15 minutes.    I know grown men who don’t have an attention span that long.

When we found out we were going to grandparents, a lot of my friends asked me if I was going to be Grandma, Grannie, Nana, Grandmother, or what.   My own grandmothers were known as Grandma Nutsch and Grandma Lull.  I knew that Nana was out, right off.  That one has just never reached out and made me feel all warm and fuzzy.   Grandmother is far too formal and I am far too casual.    I don’t like Grannie, either, because it makes think of someone really old and really wrinkley…and while I plan on getting really old, but I hope to avoid the really wrinkley part.  So that left Grandma or Grammie.   I am leaning towards Grammie, but honestly, I think Hudson will choose.  

Being Grammie or Grandma or whatever is a big job, and I pledged to do double duty when Hudson’s other Grandma, Michelle, died unexpectedly just a month before he was born.    It became clear that it was left to me to do double the grandma duty and I’m doing my best.

It will require travel, since we live in Washington State and Hudson lives with Mommy and Daddy in Bakersfield.   But you know, that’s what they make jet fuel for and I don’t give a fig about my carbon footprint.

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2 Responses to TGIF or any day with Hudson

  1. Alicia says:

    So sweet, thank you

  2. Stephanie Heringer says:

    I can’t wait to be in your shoes. I married into a family with Hispanic members and so “Nana” and “Grand Nana” and “Tata” and “Grand Tata” are what grandparents are called. The funny thing is – most of these grandparents are white. 🙂

    I think “Nana” or “Grandma” will be fine with me. Just gotta get some of my adult kids married! steph

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