Just Hudson and Grammie

Today is a big day.   Mommy and Daddy left for their vacation, so now it’s just Hudson and Grammie, and Rook, the dog.   I assured Mommy some time ago that Hudson will fare far better during their time apart that she will.   And so, I suggested she put him down for his nap this morning, and then they could leave, so as not to see a fussy baby.  It was perfect.   The upside for me, and there are several, is that I am learning to use my new Droid X to send little videos and photos to Mommy and Daddy.

This little man, who will be one year old on 10-30-2010, is the easiest baby to care for.   He plays with his toys, most of the time by himself; sometimes, though, he has to tolerate Grammie playing along, too.    For naps or bedtime, once  he’s in his crib, with his pacifier (actually several, so that if he loses one, he can find another quickly and easily) and usually in less than 5 minutes, he’s sounds asleep.

Mommy and Daddy decided when he was about 2 months old that when the time came, it would be normal table food, appropriately mashed, for him.   And this kid, less than one year old, loves bananas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, carrots, broccoli (okay, he’ll eat broccoli, but it’s not a favorite), pears, turkey, ham, cheese, and smoked salmon.   Oh, and yogurt..he loves yogurt! He has cereal in the morning, then for lunch and dinner, will have a meat or fish, vegetable, and fruit or yogurt.   Mommy prepares the fruits and veggies by mashing then, then freezing them in ice cube trays, and one cube is perfect for one meal.     There’s a big stash in the freezer for Grammie to choose from.

It’s quite warm out today, and our usual noontime walk will be postponed until after supper.   The heat is not good for either Hudson or Grammie…and Grammie would probably become the crankiest!

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One Response to Just Hudson and Grammie

  1. Stephanie Heringer says:

    Sounds wonderful – I’m a big fan of your daughter-in-law’s food ideas. We did the same thing. No jarred baby food here . . well, except for those bananas. Even I liked those and now thinking about it . . . I can smell them. 🙂 steph

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